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Gemstone tea light holders

Gemstone tea light holders

Looking for a gemstone tea light holder? Then take a look at our large collection of luxury tea light holders! With a candle holder from Lovely Stones, you have unique decoration for your living room all year round, with an enchantingly beautiful light. Thanks to their luxurious and stylish look, gemstone products are also perfect as gifts. All our gemstones are hand-picked: we select only the very best stones from our supplier.

In the past, tea lights were used to keep tea warm. Nowadays, they are mainly used as cosy mood lighting in the evening. Another name for tea lights is tea lights or candles.

Agate gemstone tea light holders

At Lovely Stones you will find the most beautiful tea light holders, each with a unique look. The agate these tea light holders are made of comes from Brazil and is of high quality. Agate is known for its powerful effect: it can help you find inner peace thanks to its stabilising properties. The stone is therefore often used to promote mental and spiritual growth.

What is agate?

Agate is a gemstone that is part of the quartz family. The stone is characterised by its translucent crystalline interior and mineral crust. Agates always have multiple colours, which often include grey, brown, white, green or black. This depends on the other substances that were present when the rock was formed. Nowadays, there are methods of adding other colours to the gemstone as well, such as purple and pink. This creates a striking look.

Amethyst tealight holders

Amethyst is the best-known and most sought-after stone from the quartz group. Since the Middle Ages, the gemstone has been highly valued for its purifying and protective power. Because the purple stone was so popular among church dignitaries, it is also called the Bishop's stone. Amethyst stimulates self-insight, making you better able to work on destructive behaviour. It can help you gain insight into your emotional processes and makes you feel protected.

Rose quartz tea light holders

Rose quartz is widely known as the stone of love and is therefore a very valuable gift. Our rose quartz is soft pink and translucent, making for a beautiful romantic ambient light. Want to give your loved one an original gift with meaning? Rose quartz stands for unconditional love, softness and security. But the gemstone also supports you to love yourself more and stay close to yourself.

Lovely Stones' rose quartz products are not cut or polished, they have a natural look. The robust tea-light holders are luxury stones with a hole in which you can put a candle. This creates a breathtakingly beautiful light in the evening!

Rock crystal tealight holders

Rock crystal is a beautiful colourless mineral quartz. Thanks to its neutral appearance, rock crystal is very suitable as a home decoration: it fits into any interior. Rock crystal is a gemstone with great healing properties. Because the stone is so pure and neutral, it is able to help you during your healing and energetic work. The stone can help you with emotional and physical cleansing and also enhances the effects of other crystals such as amethyst and rose quartz.

The name 'rock crystal' is derived from the Greek word 'Krustallos', meaning 'ice'. Due to its brilliant appearance, people believed that the crystal was ice shaped by the gods. Our crystal tea light holders come from Magaskar and are hand-selected by us from the supplier. At Lovely Stones, you are assured of the finest, brightest stones.

Golden Triangle gemstones

The golden triangle is a powerful combination of amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal. Combining the stones' powers creates a lot of positive energy that provides relaxation and balance. This set of tea light holders therefore makes a valuable gift as a helping hand during a difficult period.

Unique home decoration

Attractive home decoration is very important to make your house feel like home: you spend a lot of time there. With colourful gemstones from Lovely Stones, you can take your interior to the next level. All our stones are unique and hand-selected. This ensures you get the most beautiful and purest gemstones. Besides candle holders, we have a nice selection of bookends and agates on stands that are fun to combine. Have you just moved and want to make your new house a home? Our powerful gemstones and gorgeous ambient light will make you feel at home in no time!

A tea-light holder as a luxury gift

Would you like to give an original gift for a birthday or housewarming? Consider a beautiful luxury bookend. Home deco adds atmosphere and a personal touch to your living room or bedroom. That is why many women love to brighten up their new home with beautiful accessories. As all our gemstone tea light holders are unique, you are always assured of an original gift!

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Tealights Golden Triangle

€99,85 €79,95
The Golden Triangle
Luxury set with the 3 powerful stones: amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz t
Amethyst mood light with pretty purple crystals.
Gives a chic and warm look to the interior.
Beautiful quality rock crystal from Jesseville Arkansas in de U.S.A. with clear crystals!
With dril
Beautiful neutral agate gemstone, with drilled hole for tea light.
Not just a tea light holder but
Beautiful agate gemstone, with drilled hole for tea light
Not just a tea light holder but a gem for
Beautiful blue agate gemstone, with drilled hole for tea light
Not just a mood light but a gem for
Beautiful agate gemstone, with drilled hole for tea light
Not just a tea light holder but a gem for
A beauty of a tea light holder, constructed from beautiful Citrine (burnt amethyst) crystals and mad
Rock crystal mood light, made up of beautiful crystal points and made in Brazil.
Beautiful clear cr
Amethyst mood light, constructed from beautiful amethyst crystals and made in Brazil.
The purple cr
Beautiful quality orange calcite gemstone with drilled hole for tea light.
Gives beautiful warm lig
Lovely hefty piece of orange selenite gemstone with drilled hole for tea light.
Gives beautiful war
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